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What is a truck dispatch service?

A dispatch service provider represents an owner-operator and does most of the back-office work. For an owner-operator, using dispatch services is a smart way to optimize the business.

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What does dispatch service do?

A dispatch service provider represents the interest of your business and is responsible for:

  • A finding of truckloads; This might be the most beneficial part for small businesses if you do not have a list of clients yet, and you want to keep your trucks loaded.
  • Negotiating lucrative freight rates for you;
  • Solving issues that may arise while you are on the road;
  • Doing paperwork, like payment processing.

Not all companies provide the same amount of services. Before signing a contract, you need to know what kind of services your professional needs.

However, working with dispatchers may be an excellent investment, especially if a company does most of the back-office work, from finding loads to invoicing.

24/7 dispatch services

What are the payment methods?

Most companies have two payment options. First is a flat rate, and the second is a specific percent of the load. You can negotiate the payment method and frequency of payments with the company.

Why should you choose Otaman Trans Group Inc.?

Our 24/7 truck dispatch specialists are reliable and experienced professionals. We work with the best shippers and brokers to find the appropriate loads across the continental US and help your business succeed.

Our dispatch team is available 24 hours per week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. We’ll develop an efficient dispatch plans so that your drivers will have a job continuously.

Once we offer a load, you will always know how much time you will spend on the road and the region you need to go in. If you need to spend less or more time on the way, we’ll always look for such an option.

Plus, if anything happens on the road, your dedicated dispatcher is available 24/7 to resolve any issue.