What is expedited delivery?

The expedited delivery is a shipping method that aimed to deliver freight faster than the standard delivery.

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How long does the expedited delivery take?

The transit time depends on many factors like destination and policy of the logistic service provider. However, if standard delivery will take three days, then expedited will take two days or even less.

There are the following options:

  • same day delivery;
  • next day delivery;
  • delivery that takes one or two days for the long haul.


How does the expedited shipment work?

If you need to deliver your freight urgently, then the logistic company will provide you with a truck and two drivers who work in shifts. Such a truck is a “dedicated” one as it entirely focused on one special and urgent order.

The drivers pick up freight and deliver directly to the destination point making rare stops. This transportation option also ensures freight safety.

As a rule, logistic companies allow the client to check the freight online to be sure that it will be delivered timely.

Who uses expedited deliveries?

Mostly the expedited shipping is crucial for time-sensitive goods. However, it happens that clients have unplanned but urgent deliveries. For example, details for medical equipment have to be replaced urgently. In this case, expedited shipping is the best option.

How much does it cost?

For sure, this shipping type cannot be the cheapest. It considered as special services with a dedicated truck and non-stop route. That is why this shipping type is definitely more expensive than the standard delivery.

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