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Flatbed trucking

Otaman Trans Group`s Top Priorities

Otaman Trans Group Inc. services are unique as we have a team of professionals to deliver your cargo to any part of the continental US anytime.

We do our business to satisfy all the specific delivery needs of any industry. For example, we deliver steel products, lumber, racking, scaffolding, shingles, racking, paper, military loads, machinery, a/c units, elevators, insulation, liquid, food, airplane parts, NASA loads, electronics, vehicles, building materials, oversized loads, and many more.

The top priorities of Otaman Trans Group Inc. services are damage-free, prompt delivery, and customized solutions. Our fleet consists of flatbed trailers, flatbed conestogas, step-deck trailers, dry-van trailers, and reefer trailers. The modern trucking fleet and developed network enable us to deliver cargo safely and promptly to any destination. The number of available options gives us a chance to find and apply the best solutions for our clients.

Otaman Trans

Flatbed fleet

Since the very beginning, we strive to the best-in-class services. Flatbed services we provide vary from the simple one to the most challenging.

No matter how complex your project is, Otaman Trans Group Inc. professionals will find a customized solution for every logistics and transportation needs.

We understand that each industry has its requirements that may fall apart with standard flatbed trucking. That is why we have a diversified fleet like flatbed conestogas, flatbed trailers, and STEP-DECK trailers. To ensure safe operation, our expert will help to choose the right track for your product as flatbed capacity varies by truck. Even if a shipment is over height, weight, or length, we ensure a headache-free solution.

Transportation may face some obstacles — for example, compliance with local laws and regulations or receiving necessary permits. Whether you have a short-haul or INTERSTATE delivery, our expert will take into account all the rules to avoid any problems.